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MGM Grand hotel & casino

private Cabana Remodel

A Contemporary Solution For Lasting Outdoor Luxury​

IDR Outdoor, recognized for crafting high-quality custom designs, faced a challenge at MGM Resort and Casino. Tasked with addressing longevity and durability issues in the original Iroko Wood furniture planned for the cabana remodel, IDR Outdoor proposed a solution. The company introduced a custom design with a wet transfer aluminum finish, mitigating durability concerns and ensuring minimal maintenance. In contrast, Iroko Wood, though exquisite, requires annual upkeep. IDR Outdoor’s innovative wet transfer aluminum finish not only tackles durability concerns but also emphasizes minimal maintenance. The finish guarantees both longevity and a top-quality finish, enhancing the outdoor atmosphere, particularly in settings like MGM Grand Casino Las Vegas.

IDR Outdoor’s wet transfer aluminum finish not only addresses durability concerns but also boasts the added advantage of minimizing maintenance typically associated with teak. In contrast, teak, while exquisite, requires annual upkeep to prevent the natural grey patina. This innovative finish ensures longevity and a high-quality appearance, contributing to a lasting and aesthetically pleasing experience at the Athena Infinity Pool on the Las Vegas Strip.

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IDR Outdoor Logo Palm Trees Trademarked- Primary 021323