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The Art of Customization

IDR Outdoor was founded on the idea that the hospitality design industry needed a first-rate source for true custom fabrication of outdoor furnishings. In other words, bring the same high-quality custom capabilities the industry has grown accustomed to for the guest room furnishings into the outdoor arena at reasonable price points. We work with the interior designers’ unique concepts to develop a highly original piece, or we can also work with design and purchasing to value engineer an existing piece that may not be contract rated or that is blowing up the budget.

concept design


We start with our design & purchasing clients sending us concepts or specs they would like to develop into hospitality grade furnishings. 

drawing sofa

Custom Design Options

Next, we offer suggestions to our client as to how best modify the piece so that we can maintain design intent while meeting the construction demands of contract furnishings.

quote process


We then send the project off for quotation to the factory best suited to produce the desired pieces to the quality level and price point the client requires.

sofa drawing fblv

Project Documentation​

The purchase order is then written and funded. Shop drawings and finishes for approval are then fully developed in collaboration with design.

sofa protoype


After all approvals are complete, we create internal prototype of each piece to fully evaluate and test the design concept to be sure the piece meets the rigors of hospitality use.

Once receipt of any required COM fabric and the prototype passing our internal QC, we then begin roll out production. Our QC team is in the factory weekly spot checking the production line to head off any issues that may arise.

Sofa Prototype

Quality Control & Testing​​

After production is complete, we begin our detailed final QC and packaging stage. Any issues found in QC are kicked back and repaired prior to packaging.


Packing & Transit

The container is loaded and sent off to either the property or staging warehouse.

We believe we offer the solution that the hospitality design industry has been yearning for, five-star custom outdoor furnishings at budget friendly pricing.

You will find our project management team is always quick to respond and will guide your project seamlessly from start to finish.